My Little Rants :)
Conversation in the M.A.C Cosmetics store today
Me : Excuse me, can i have the new limited edition Betty Bright lipstick, please?
Salesgirl : (Looks at me blankly) Huh? What lipstick?
Me : The Betty Bright lipstick. i can't seem to find it in this store. I already saw the reviews about it online and i want to buy it.
Salesgirl : I'm sorry but it's not out in Malaysia yet.
Me : (Embarrassed) It's not out yet? Omg, no wonder I haven't seen any of it here... Any idea when it will be out?
Salesgirl : (asks her fellow colleagues in Chinese) Only next month.
Me : Alrighty then. Thanks (walks out of the store feeling like a blonde)